Thursday, September 18, 2008

Politics, Plugs and Puppies

Hey folks, there are a few things I need to get off my chest.  

First: here's a great article, that gives fantastically simple economic reasons for why Democrats govern better than Republicans, irrespective your moral views.  

Second: (for the one of you to whom this may be news) everyone's favorite brother man, Adam Bee, had a great post on his blog the other day about how to donate to Obama for free.  

Thirds: My sister's new puppy is ADORABLE.  He's a *very good boy*.

Fourth: Liberals, stop crying.  We haven't lost yet.  There will be four whole years to cry after the election.  But seriously, trying to elect your candidate is like getting a girl to go out with you.  You have to be confident.  Sure, that frat boy may have all the money and metrosexual hair, but his brother spent the last eight years cheating on her, so she's looking for a nice guy with big ears.  Okay, that analogy is completely false.  That frat boy wins because he's got big guns.  Time to hit the gym, kids.

Fifth: The Mets are gonna blow it again … go Phils!

Sixth: Rachel Maddow has brought a semblance of respectability to cable news.  Check it out, ad free online

- Seth