Thursday, May 24, 2007

Set Your Alarms

That's right, from 3-6 AM on Wednesday mornings (or Tuesday nights for some of us), you will be able to hear the soothing sound of my voice, the indomitable sounds of the music I like, and the indeterminable sounds of music I'm forced to force you to experience. Starting next week, and until I tell you otherwise, tune into 89.3 FM, WXYC to hear my radio show. I promise to suck for a while, which is why I'll be on at a time when few will be listening. If you are not in the Chapel Hill listening area (or if you own the interwebs and don't own a radio machine) listen to it streaming here. You can submit requests at 919-962-8989 or via AOL IM at wxycrequests. If I can find it I'll play it.

Since I've been hired (not to be paid), I am now a DJ for life at WXYC. So, I need an awesome handle, as the kids say. I could also use a better show title than, `Seth Hopper and the Hour of Power.' So, hit me with your ideas!



Matt Grosso said...

Excellent. So, since there may be times when I will not, necessarily, be awake from 3 to 6 I went and found a internet stream recorder with a scheduler. The program I got is called "streamers." It is Mac only and requires a couple of other programs which you can get. I recommend getting them all from versiontracker. One of the programs you will need is called "Wiretap" and it is not free. It is possible to steal it but I would, of course recommend not doing so because I think that sites such as are immoral and reprehensible. I am telling you that you should NOT use them.
You PC users are on your own. Good luck.

AdamB said...

How about DJ Skittles and
the 3AM Love Collective?

David said...

How about the "Wormley Connection"

I unfortunatley don't find myself up that late so I will have to find a way like Matt found for my pc.

Matt Grosso said...

I don't know what you should call the show but I do think that you should say, during the show, "You send in requests and I'll put them in my hopper."

Seth said...

Thanks for the suggestions. And why not the 3 AM Love Collective? I have to go in for training in 2 hours. Yes, it is currently 1 AM.

Brian said...

I guess using your hash name wouldn't go over to well?