Tuesday, June 26, 2007

In the meantime

As we all eagerly await the pictures of Jeff Albertson and the Caveman here's something to pass the time. It almost makes me want to change our plans for Colorado.




Seth said...

Ok, that's awesome. How great was the chess thing!

AdamB said...

The cell phone was a nice touch.

There is some kind of Japanese TV show (or maybe a series of commercials?) that centers on Rube Goldberg machines. Here's one example (not the best):

AdamB said...

I only looked at it twice, but I can't see how the chess thing works. Strings? Magnets?

Seth said...

Yeah, I wasn't sure either. I assumed it was magnets. However they did it, it sure was cool. Also, the dart thing was bad ass. And the cell phone. And pretty much everything else.