Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bidets, now there's something I don't get.

I really don't see how Bidets help out. I mean, I get the concept, but I'm not convinced it's something I'd rather use than good ole TP. It just seems like it's going to make the whole situation messier. But, for those who would like to someday own a bidet, here's a link about how to use a bidet.

Some of my favorite tips they provide:
o Use the toilet first. <--- Wise advice.
o Dry your skin. Many bidets have a towel on a ring positioned next to the bidet. <--- EWWW!
o They are especially helpful for people with hemorrhoids. <--- Well, that does make sense.
o Drinking from a bidet is not recommended. <--- Uh, oh.

- Seth


AdamB said...

I've never used one myself, but it certainly does seem like it has a lot of potential to cause trouble!

Angie said...

Until I read the link, I didn't realize that some people use a bidet after each visit to the toilet. I thought it was a "bath for the genital area" and to me it seems more useful for women than men. I would use a bidet on some days as an alternative to taking a full shower or bath.