Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Not Getting Fat

Carrie has made it clear to me that if I get fat who will break up with me. It seems reasonable. So in an effort not to get fat I have been running every day that I don't have frisbee.
Because it is not unlikely that I will think this running thing is a good idea at first but then never really see it through I have started another blog (I know I'm blog-happy at the moment). I'm tracking the stats of my runs each day and posting them onto this new blog. I am positive that the overwhelming majority of you fair readers don't care if I run or not but I'm telling you so that I can believe that someone might be reading it and would miss it if I didn't run some day. Its that peer pressure that I'm counting on.

My New Blog



Carrie said...

So, when are you going to post about what you've been up to in Colorado? I keep checking...

Julian said...

I totally care about your running. Running is so great and it's something you can see real progress in. I just got a GPS watch so that I can see how I'm going in terms of speed and distance. You've inspired me to see if there's a way I can post the data on the Internet. I reckon I need a bit of a technology advantage if I'm going to beat my Dad's 1:17 half marathon time... (1:37 is my current PB).

One of the unexpected benefits of the GPS watch is that I can explore more when I'm running in other cities as there's so much less risk of getting lost. You can just tell the watch to point you back to where you started and it shows a compass pointing to your starting point (and telling you how far you have to go to get there).

Good luck with it all, I'll be watching your progress with interest.