Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Two Things I Can't Stand (But I Have No Choice)

1. Humidity. This god damn weather factor never seems to work in our favor. During the summer it is not uncommon to hear people say "It's not the heat, it's the humidity" about 3 dozen times a day. Usually this is followed by someone else mentioning how they used to live in Phoenix, Tulsa, the Mojave or the Namib and that there it is only hot if you are in the sun. The shade apparently requires mittens and earmuffs.
So obviously the humidity is making the summer more miserable but where the hell does it go in the winter? You never hear anyone saying "Damn it's cold out there, but thank god for the humidity!" Clearly humidity is aligned with all thing evil and uncomfortable. Screw humidity.
2. The second thing I hate is less pointed. I hate that moment in between when you can see the bus stop and when you could catch the bus if it came. I spend that whole time dreading seeing the bus. Each morning I do my best to avert my eyes and ignore all sounds for about 60 yards on my way to the bus stop. This makes it hard to avoid cars and other people but it's early so there aren't many people out yet.
The bus stop at the El station is much worse. You can see my stop from the platform across the tracks and a parking lot. It takes about 5 minutes to arrive at the stop but you can't really catch the bus until the last 20 seconds. I've watched the bus go by many times there feeling totally impotent.


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AdamB said...

I too hate that interval. In fact, I also worry the whole time between when I decide to leave and when I get to the stop. I get this irrational fear that if I don't go just a tiny bit faster, I'll miss three busses in a row and have to wait 45 minutes for the next one. So I could be lounging around, relaxing, then decide it's time to go and break into a full run for the stop. Pretty much anytime I'm headed toward a bus stop, an el stoppo, or an airport I'm moving as fast as I can.


Also, if you think about it (and i'm sure you have) it makes a ton of sense for it to be dry in the winter.