Thursday, February 14, 2008


So, maybe y'all know this, but I just noticed it recently, and everyone I've shown it to has been surprised.  If you watch a YouTube video in full screen mode, there is a button in the bottom left corner next to the Play / Pause button.  It has three circles and some lines connecting them.  To see what happens when you click it, play this video of an awesome dancer who happens to be small and cute:

Also, Google Street View has reached an impressive level of coverage.  It's to the point now that almost every street in Chapel Hill is covered.  The whole thing is a bit scary, but the technology is quite impressive.

- Seth


Matt Grosso said...

Ok, so that was weird. What the hell was it showing me?

Brian Patrick said...

It's the youtube version of Stumbling.

Seth said...

Yeah, it shows you videos that are related to the one you're watching. Once you get used to it, you can browse pretty fast. And, it will show a path of how you got where you are.