Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Need The Collective Intelligence Of Both Of Our Readers

Help me! I came across this stupid game tonight and everything about it makes me think that it should just be annoying and lame. But for some reason I am totally intrigued. I don't really know what the goal of the game is and I have no idea how to play or what does what but I can't stop. Try it out and tell me what you think you're supposed to do.



AdamB said...

I guess you're supposed to figure out the rules as you go. There is some correct order to add things. When certain things are in the middle panel with other things, they do stuff. Like the pink person can use the food and the fire to make a meal for the sick guy.

I don't know what the ice is supposed to do yet though. That's always level one for me.

I would have to agree that this game is annoying and lame. I like to know the rules ahead of time.

Brian Patrick said...

I like it. I got Lv. Max on all but the blanket and the girl, figures. This will drive me until I get max on all levels! I think the goal simply is to grow a healthy human, it's a combination lock to happiness.

David said...

leaf blanket fire person ice food

second try!

Carrie's friend Megan said...

I finished it. You have to add things in the correct order to have them work together to make him heal best. I'm not sure how kids help you heal- they're usually counterproductive on that, from what I know, but whatever.