Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Not Overrated

I had the fortune of seeing Barack Obama speak last night at North Carolina's most important building.  We got there almost two hours early, and several uninspiring people spoke for another hour,  but by 10:40 when Barack came on, it was all worth it.  I guess his public speaking skills have been well documented, but I'm here to tell you that everyone else is not wrong.  Furthermore, he said everything I wanted him to say.  From concerns about treatment of prisoners to funding for basic scientific research, I enjoyed what I heard.  He spoke about the Democratic primary stretching on to long, the ludicrousness of the questions he's received over his lack of a flag pin, McCain running for a third Bush term, our failing infrastructure, lobbyists, public education, environmental activism, and more.  And, he was spot on about every topic.  Anyway, here's a part of his speech:

Oh, and he played some basketball.

- Seth

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AdamB said...

Yeah Hansbrough shoulda stuffed that one.

I got my passport mailed to me so I could vote for him. I for one cannot wait until he is President.

I also really like that he reaches out to Republicans, which is something Hillary would and could never do.

It really is hard not to tear up when he starts talking about his vision for the US. I sorta wonder if this is what the Kennedys were like.

Speaking of which: wiki "Kennedy March"