Thursday, October 30, 2008

Microsoft: Not Totally Vapid

I've long since been converted to Apple computers.  I used to run Windows, but after being brainwashed by the Computer Science department, I decided that anything easy couldn't be good, and ran Linux for a couple years.  Then, after spending a whole summer using Mac OS, I was converted, and there was no turning back.  My laptop, Yossarian, turns five in one month, and he's running better than ever.

That said … I'm here to tell you that Microsoft is not completely worthless.  Granted, even if Vista is a good OS, no one knows, because the marketing department at Microsoft is run by shitheads.  It's impressive how bad the company is at marketing their goods.  Quick, raise your hands if you've ever seen a Zune.  Seriously, it's not due to a lack of funding.  I think they must just be dumb as rocks.  But we digress.  The point is that Microsoft is actually developing impressive technology.  The Surface (or enormous iPhone) is really cool.  Note: don't be fooled by how lame this video makes it look.  Microsoft is using their best marketing shitheads to make this fail.  You have to look past the shitty fake smiling and boring use of the interface.  It's got potential.

Now, this use of multi-touch is nothing new.  Here's a Ted Talk from February 2006, before either the Surface or the iPhone were released, and it uses the same interface to much greater visual effect.  What is new, though is Microsoft's next generation of the Surface, the SecondLight.  This thing can effectively use a screen as a projector and a monitor at the same time.  It can also recognize gestures from a distance.  That is, you don't have to actually be touching it.  Here's a pretty neat video.  

So, how does this help?  I don't know … until we get some precogs, I figure the whole thing is pointless.

- Seth

PS - The Phillies are world champs!  Zounds!


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Here's my only criterion for the worthfulness of MS is how long it takes for them to come out with the next version of Xbox to use this SecondLight stuff.