Monday, April 27, 2009

Surely, these places can't be this lame

Recently I went through all of my music and entered in where the artists were born (in the case of bands, where the band was formed). I think this info will be fun for making road trip playlists. I was hoping to have someone form each state in the US but I fell short by 10. So now I'm scouring the Internets to find bands to fill these locational voids. I've managed to find music to download from all but two states. One of them is New Hampshire, the other is North Dakota. Do any of you know of any good musical acts from either of those two states? Thanks.



AdamB said...

I just saw Wild Light open for Tapes N Tapes a few weeks ago. They were decent, but more importantly they're from New Hampshire.

Katie said...

You have a few to choose from with New Hampshire: would you believe that's where Aerosmith is originally from, despite technically forming in Boston? I don't know if I'd ever intentionally listen to "I don't want to miss a thing" but there you go. You could also go with Jon Spencer, probably a better choice.

My Dad pointed out that Peggy Lee is from North Dakota, and "Fever" is amazing, if not necessarily for road-trips.

Matt Grosso said...

Great guys.
I actually considered putting Aerosmith in New Hampshire but all the sources I checked (Wikipedia) said the same thing you did which was that they were actually formed in Boston.
But I have added Peggy Lee and Wild Light and now I have achieved the Saturday morning dream and collected them all!

James said...

I love the fact that you put up the New Hampshire "Old Man in the Mountain" coin. I was there a while back and spent about 10 minutes looking for it. Turns out that rock formation fell off the mountain years ago. Commemorative coin fail.