Monday, September 21, 2009

There are no serious hashers who don't drink ...

they're too busy totaling tee to get blitzed with you and me.

Hmmm ... that one actually might be true.

Anyway, check out this great article on hashing and the correlation (as opposed to causation) between drinking and exercise.

Speaking of hashing and xkcd, not so long ago, Randall Munore popularized geohashing as opposed to geohashing. Well that's great and all, but it seems to me that the logical way to geohash is to do a multi-cache geocache where the intermediate steps are beer breaks. This way, you don't have a real trail, but just run between coordinates, through whatever is in your way. You would leave coordinates at the beer breaks for the stops. You could make checks and false trails and everything. The only real hangup is that you have to have several GPS devices, but that is getting to be less restrictive as more phones have them, and prices go down in general.

- Seth


AdamB said...

Most prices go up in general, unless you also account for quality. That's some weird crap, man!

I gotta write a genius paper on that sometime.

AdamB said...

That is indeed an interesting correlation, although another way of saying it is "jocks drink a lot", which surely isn't a surprise to anyone.

Econometrics (at least the part I'm sorta familiar with) is specifically designed to separate causation from correlation. It would actually be pretty easy to test this-- I'm going to ask around my department tomorrow and see if I can get any of my young classmates to write that paper and add me as a coauthor...