Thursday, January 14, 2010

Way to go Ukriane

Wow, Ukraine's prime minister is a babe. What other world leaders are there that are hot and I don't know it?


update: Hottest Heads of State


Seth said...

She's even more impressive when compared to their president, dioxin poison survivor Victor Yushchenko.

Brian Patrick said...

Wow, whoa, HEY!

Messy said...

Damn. But does she have a six-pack? Our leader has abs you could wash an iron curtain on. Also, abs or no abs, I'm moving to Norway, and also that mustachioed Belarus dude has an UPSETTINGLY asymmetrical face.

James said...

If we are counting the unelected leaders in the world then there are all sorts of hot figure-head princesses and whatnot with Queen Rania of Jordan being my pick for top honors. Also, Cristina Kirchner is looking her age these days but I'm told but my Argentinian friend that she was pretty fly when young.

AdamB said...

Hold on... is that a Palin 2012 site in disguise? ;)

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Anonymous said...

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