Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Six Months Behind

I think I might be about six months behind the cool curve here but I just finally got around to really watching some parkour videos on YouTube. Here's an example to get you started but I recommend that you go watch a bunch of them.




AdamB said...

I think you're a bit off on your dating of the cool curve, because that'd put me about a year or so ahead of the cool curve. Which is unlikely.

It seems to me a decent rule of thumb that if something is a substantial portion of a Hollywood blockbuster, it's already way behind the cool curve.

Here's what first caused me to look up parkour on wikipedia about a billion years ago:

I like it because Eastern Europe looks a lot like the Rust Belt.

AdamB said...

then again, I didn't know about those kickass Bible verses, so I am probably behind the cool curve.