Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What A Crock

This clam was the oldest living animal ever found, at 405 years. I say was because some bastards killed it in order to tell how old it was. That's one of the dumbest things I've ever read. "I wonder how old this is." "Yeah, me too. Let's kill it and find out." Read about it and other exciting science news of 2007 here.



Brian said...


How's the DJing, hows the band?

Collateral damage is a must for scientific advancement. Of course, I don't know what advancements were made by vivisecting a clam. Perhaps it is the key to the fountain of youth. I think that clam would have served humanity better on a bed of linguine anyway.


AdamB said...

Wait, so what's your alternative? Wait 20 years until it dies, then cut it open and find out it's only 250 years old?

I think you are biased by the fact that it turned out to be a lot older than it probably was.

Matt Grosso said...

We sure have a bunch of cynics for readers.

Seth said...

Why the fuck do you have to kill it in the first place? Obviously I'm biased based on data received after the fact. I wouldn't care as much if it were younger, certainly. I'm probably not understanding the whole purpose of what the scientists were doing, but the article made it sound like the whole point of killing the thing was to find out how old it was. There seems to be something wrong about killing things just to figure out the age. There's a Far Side that makes the point perfectly, but I can't find it online ... so you'll just have to take my word.

DJing rocks my socks ... except when the next DJ doesn't show up at 3 AM and you want to go to bed and you are 4 minutes from shutting the whole station down when he shows up like the little bitch that he is. The band ... ha! We're incomparable.

AdamB said...

I guess I'm just confused as to what the alternative plan is, assuming that you want to know how old it is and can't find out until it's dead.