Monday, January 14, 2008

Clever Solution

I don't chat online very much. When I do it is with people I already know. However there are tons of people out there who meet in chat rooms and on IRC channels to discuss stuff with other people. The concept seems sound enough right. You go to some IRC channel and can find a bunch of people who are all there because of a common interest. The problem is that most people are idiots and almost all people are idiots when they become a part of a large, anonymous crowd. On the few times I have been on IRC (for whatever reason) I have found most of the chatter mindless and the people rude and exclusive.

The guy who writes xkcd apparently has an IRC server for talk aobut the strip and he just recently installed a bot that requires that each new line must be original or else oyu are not allowed to talk. I have to get going to work but check out his description. It really seems like a clever solution to a difficult problem.


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AdamB said...

genius. i like how the channel quickly became a contest to see how could be the most original.