Wednesday, January 16, 2008

So Much Potential

I saw this mentioned on BB today and I got all excited because it seemed like it should really be amazing. Some guys in Italy dropped a bunch (half a million and article said) of bouncy balls down a famous flight of stairs in Rome. They are imitating the Bravia ad where they did it in San Francisco*. But the video of these guys shoveling tons of balls off the top to the steps sucks. They couldn't find a bigger hill? Or a longer flight of stairs? It even looks like they started the balls half way down the stairs instead of at the top. Lots of potential, big fat flop.


*Also the mention at BB seemed to indicate that the Bravia ad was faked. But like so many things in life (jugglers day, Santa, kick-ass ping pong ball tricks, etc.) I choose to believe because it makes me happier and isn't hurting anyone.


AdamB said...

I don't have the ability to choose to believe. For example, try as I might I cannot believe that you believe in Santa. Somehow that's beyond my abilities.

David said...

Oh come on Adam! Santa rocks! I had a beer with him just the other day at this great bar on 7th street! He is there every other thursday night ----

Seth said...

I totally agree about that video, Matt. After watching it, I spent the next ten minutes thinking about ways to do it better. I mean, they were literally having the shovel the balls down the steps.