Sunday, January 13, 2008

In Case You Were Wondering

North Carolina has really decided to jump into the primary process this year. I would say that the Old North State will be the linchpin in this campaign, deciding which candidates should truly be taken seriously.  As Matt already pointed out, many folks are considering February 5th, The Tuesday of Destiny, to be when all will be decided.  The well informed among us know, however, that it won't be until three more months have passed that we'll know anything at all.  That's right, North Carolina's primary will be held on May 6th.  That's 3 days after GUAM.  I can't wait until I live somewhere where I can take advantage of this "democracy" thing.  Our primary process is such crap.

- Seth


AdamB said...

democracy is stupid.

AdamB said...

turns out indiana's is the same day.

i'm actually a bit relieved not to have to vote. i guess i'd better anyway. kucinich, baby!

Matt Grosso said...
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